Concord Criminal and Traffic Law Attorneys

When one is accused of a crime of any nature it is most important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney without delay.  Often this can make a difference with regard to one’s freedom, employment, the time and expense involved and other serious issues. There is too much at risk to take any chances. Our attorneys have worked with and represented numerous clients who have made mistakes or exercised bad judgment so as to land in trouble with the law. They know how the justice system works and have worked within it for many years. They will guide you through the process in a professional and effective manner, striving at all times to protect you rights and your future.

Traffic Tickets

Nothing will ruin your day like being pulled over for a traffic violation. On top of the sick feeling and embarrassment, you have to worry about possible effects on your drivers license and future insurance premiums.  An attorney experienced in this area of law is often able to negotiate a resolution that will not only keep you from having to appear in court, but will protect your license, eliminate or reduce any insurance consequences, and in some cases, protect your job when you drive for a livelihood. We can also assist in situations when you get a ticket in another state by consulting with and engaging counsel in that state.


A charge of DWI is one of the most serious traffic offenses and carries the potential of severe penalties and consequences. It is vitally important to involve an experienced attorney immediately so that the facts can be evaluated. If there appears to be no plausible defense, the consequences can still be mitigated or lessened through effective plea negotiations. Our attorneys are well-experienced in this area and have helped numerous clients through the often complex process of dealing with a DWI charge.

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